Introduction to Account Management

Introduction to Account Management

The Account Management page of Schwab Advisor Center® provides tools to open accounts and make changes to existing accounts, such as transferring funds, creating standing instructions, changing addresses, and designating beneficiaries.

Key features of using Account Management:

Digital workflows

Digital Onboarding— The fully digital onboarding experience, for both you and your clients, lets you open, approve, fund, and set up features for client accounts in a single digital workflow. Your client will electronically review and approve the application using their Schwab Alliance credentials, and clients without credentials will be able to create them as part of the process.

Digital Account Updates using eAuthorization— eAuthorization is the fastest, most secure method of securing client approval at Schwab. With eAuthorization, your clients can digitally approve the account maintenance requests you initiate from Schwab Advisor Center. Once you submit your client’s request for digital approval, the workflow will notify your client via email when the request is ready to be approved. Your client will then approve the request using Schwab Alliance credentials; clients without credentials can create them during the approval process. Once your client approves, you will be notified of the authorization. You will then need to submit the digital envelope to Schwab.

Unlike form-based methods, both digital onboarding and digital account updates require no paper, no pre-tagging, and only the relevant, required fields are presented for completion. And because digital onboarding is integrated with Schwab data systems, applications submitted this way benefit from the lowest rate of missing or incorrect information (under 5%) and the fastest processing time of any channel.

For more information, see How to use digital onboarding for eAuthorization.


DocuSign allows the capture of an individual's electronic signature on a document in place of a traditional handwritten signature.

Use DocuSign to send both Schwab forms and your firm's forms and agreements to clients and prospects of Schwab Advisor ServicesTM.

Send a Schwab form for electronic signature using the below DocuSign options:

  • Prepare a DocuSign envelope in Schwab Advisor Center®
  • Choose from multiple templates to prefill information from Schwab Advisor Center and send to DocuSign
  • Access DocuSign (console)
  • Manage and check the status of envelopes or upload forms in the DocuSign console

For more information, see How to use DocuSign.

Forms library
  • Access the most up-to-date documents and view delivery options
  • Search for forms easily— by category, key word, or form id
  • Find forms you use the most by adding them to a favorites list
  • Fill groups of related forms with one action, by completing form packages
  • Save or print completed or partially completed forms
  • Open a form as a PDF

Additional features and details of Account Management:

Instead of searching for each form individually, is there a way to find a group of forms that are commonly used together?
Yes. The Account Management page gives you access to packages of forms that you can open and complete using DocuSign or paper forms.

Who should I contact if I have questions about digital onboarding, DocuSign, guided workflows, or the Account Management page?
Contact Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465.

How do I provide my client with a partially completed application, so that after we discuss investments we can complete and sign it?
You can create partially completed applications before sending for eSignature or printing the form.

To complete using DocuSign, see How to use DocuSign.

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