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Introduction to 529 Education Savings Plans
A 529 Education Savings Plan is a state-sponsored savings program that allows individuals, regardless of their income or state residency, to set aside assets in a tax-deferred account to pay for a student's education. The Schwab 529 Education Savings Plan is administered by the state of Kansas with American Century Investments® as the program manager. You can assist your clients in establishing a new account, selecting investment options, and managing changes.

How to open a 529 College Savings Plan
A Schwab 529 Education Savings Plan is one of many account types that can help your clients meet their college-savings goals for their children, grandchildren, or other loved ones. You can open a 529 Education Savings Plan using paper forms.

Introduction to education savings accounts
An education savings account—sometimes called a Coverdell account—is a savings plan set up and managed by a parent or other adult who is at least 18 years old for the benefit of a minor. When advising on the right account for your clients, keep in mind the specific goals and the advantages of each type of account as well as tax considerations. Schwab encourages you to consult a tax or legal advisor.

How to open an education savings account
An education savings account (ESA)—sometimes called a Coverdell account—at Charles Schwab is one of many college savings options to help your clients save for their children’s future. You can open an ESA using DocuSign®, or paper forms.