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How to open a Schwab Personalized Indexing account

How to open a Schwab Personalized Indexing account

Schwab Personalized Indexing™ accounts are offered through the Managed Account Access® platform.

  • Before opening a Schwab Personalized Indexing (SPI) account, you must have a master account set up specifically for Managed Account Access accounts.
    • If you have only opened Managed Account Marketplace accounts previously, you will need to set up an additional, specific Select/Access master account. This is a separate master from the Marketplace master.
  • If you haven't opened a separately managed account at Schwab, you must sign the Managed Account Addendum to the Investment Manager Service Agreement.

View more information on How to set up a Managed Account master.

Only taxable accounts are currently eligible for SPI. There are two ways to enroll in SPI, either through a digital enrollment process or using our forms. Please see the table below to account type eligibility for each enrollment process.

Schwab Personalized Indexing-Eligible
Account types
Digital EnrollmentForms Enrollment
Individual accounts
Joint Tenant accounts
Custodial (UTMA/UGMA)
Community Property
Designated Beneficiary Plan Individual
Designated Beneficiary Plan/Transfer on Death
Living Trust (Revocable)
Living Trust (Irrevocable)
Tenants in Common Tenants by the Entirety 
Sole proprietorships 
Non-incorporated Associations 
Limited Liability Company 


Note: Non-taxable accounts are currently not supported by Schwab Personalized Indexing (SPI). Consequently, IRAs cannot invest in SPI.

PlatformManaged Account Access
Manager Firm NameCharles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
Manager Investment Strategies
  • Schwab Personalized Indexing Schwab 1000 Equity
  • Schwab Personalized Indexing S&P Small Cap 600
  • Schwab Personalized Indexing MSCI KLD 400 Social
  • Schwab Personalized Indexing MSCI EAFE International
Version Number of Manager's Disclosure DocumentsVersion number and date are subject to change. Go to Schwab Advisor Center® > Research > Managed Accounts for the most up to date information.
Date on Schwab Managed Account Services™ Disclosure package


  • Open a Schwab Personalized Indexing account through digital enrollment. Select the desired Schwab Personalized Indexing strategy from the drop-down menu in the digital account open workflow.


  • For digital onboarding, exclusions can be customized as part of the digital workflow for accounts listed under Digital Enrollment. These exclusions can be done through a selection of single securities, industries and sub-industries, or a combination of methods. For all other account types, the account must be opened using the paper form. See Forms Enrollment list above or the Forms Enrollment Process section for details.

    These exclusions must fall within a pre-set predicted tracking error (PTE) range up to 1.75%. A PTE calculator that updates in real time is displayed in the digital workflow to ensure the exclusions designated from the provided drop-down lists do not exceed the pre-set default.

  • The Select/Access suite of forms are required to open SPI accounts not eligible for digital enrollment. For the type of account you want to open, search for Managed Account Select/Access Account Application by going to the Forms library on Schwab Advisor Center.
  • Customization using the paper enrollment process is limited to excluding up to three individual securities.
  • Complete the forms and obtain client signatures: 
    • Note: The client must sign the form even if the advisor completed it. Clients can sign the form using DocuSign®.


Return the signed forms to Managed Account Operations through a Schwab Advisor Center service request, DocuSign, or mail:

East CoastWest Coast
Fax: 877-828-1176Fax: 877-815-3479
Regular mail:
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Attn: Managed Account Operations
P.O. Box 2380
Omaha, NE 68103
Regular mail:
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Attn: Managed Account Operations
P.O. Box 982603
El Paso, TX 79998-2603
Overnight mail:
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Attn: Managed Account Operations 
200 S 108th Ave
Omaha, NE 68154
Overnight mail:
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Attn: Managed Account Operations
1945 Northwestern Drive
El Paso, TX 79912-1108


Watch a short video demonstrating how to open a Schwab Personalized Indexing account using the digital enrollment process.