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How to make general account changes
You can use DocuSign® to submit the appropriate form for your client and make a general account change to an address, name, trust, date of birth or issuer communication preference.

How to add and update account beneficiaries
Account holders should regularly evaluate their beneficiary designations and update them after major life changes, such as marriage, divorce, or the birth/legal adoption of a child. You can add and update beneficiaries for your clients by completing the appropriate form based on account type.

How to convert accounts
You can use DocuSign® to submit the appropriate forms and documentation to convert eligible accounts from one registration type to another, while maintaining the same account number.

How to make changes to organization accounts
An organization account is opened on behalf of an incorporated or non-incorporated legal entity authorized by a state government to conduct business in that state. By submitting the appropriate forms and documents, you can make changes to organization accounts.

How to make role changes for personal and trust accounts
Changes to account roles such as account holders, custodians, or trustees are often made following significant life events. To make these role changes to personal and trust accounts, complete the appropriate form for the account registration and submit any additional documentation required for the request.

How to make changes to company retirement accounts
A company retirement account (CRA) is a brokerage account designed to hold the assets of an individually designed business retirement plan. Complete forms to make changes using DocuSign®, or submit a Service Request, when applicable.

Introduction to digital onboarding and account maintenance eAuthorization
eAuthorization is the fastest, most secure method of securing client approval at Schwab. With eAuthorization, your clients can digitally approve the account open and account maintenance requests you initiate from Schwab Advisor Center®.

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