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Introduction to ProxyEdge®

Introduction to ProxyEdge®

ProxyEdge is Broadridge's suite of electronic voting services that simplify the management of institutional proxies. ProxyEdge offers your firm the convenience of managing, tracking, and reconciling your clients’ ballots electronically. It also allows your firm to delegate voting management to a third-party voting company as long as it subscribes to ProxyEdge.

If your client authorizes your firm to receive and vote on proxy ballots, your firm can subscribe to fee-based ProxyEdge services through Broadridge®—offered at a discount through Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Key information related to ProxyEdge:

Service levels ProxyEdge offers two levels of service: ProxyEdge Standard and ProxyEdge Premier. Contact Broadridge sales for more information: Robert Marotta at 201-208-4856 or robert.marotta@broadridge.com.
  • Fees to receive and vote on proxy ballots are assessed per Schwab account with a minimum annual fee.
  • Any discounts for Schwab do not apply to accounts held at other custodians.
  • Additional fees to subscribe to ProxyEdge, including software cost, may apply.  
See the "Tools and Resources" section to contact Broadridge directly for questions about voting fees, software cost, and any Schwab discounts. 
Third-party proxy voting If your firm has hired a third-party company to manage and vote on behalf of your clients’ accounts, Schwab can accommodate this request as long as the third-party company subscribes to ProxyEdge.

How to set up accounts in ProxyEdge®
Introduction to issuer communications

To request ProxyEdge marketing material and cost information or to view a demo of the software, contact Broadridge directly at:

  • Toll-free number: 800-353-0103
  • Sales contact: Robert Marotta at 201-208-4856 or robert.marotta@broadridge.com.