This page will provide you with helpful resources for tax reporting. Click a link below to view a specific article. 

How to reconcile income on the statement to the Form 1099 Composite
Each year, advisors and end-clients attempt to reconcile the December statement to the tax form. While Schwab does not recommend comparing the two documents, it’s important to understand the difference between statement reporting and tax reporting.

Introduction to tax information files
Advisors can access individual client tax information by master account in PDF and electronic formats. The information can be downloaded and archived for future use.

Introduction to tax reporting alerts
You will receive tax reporting alerts when tax forms become available for your client, as well as in cases where return of capital (ROC) causes a cost basis adjustment to a client's account.

To begin receiving tax reporting alerts, see How to work with alerts.

Introduction to tax reporting communications and resources
Schwab creates tax reporting communications and notices for end-clients and advisors throughout tax season in various ways, such as inserts, alerts, tax newsletters, and more.