Introduction to paperless documents

Introduction to paperless documents

Paperless documents, formerly called eDelivery, offer electronic document delivery instead of by mail. Paperless document categories include:

  • Statements & Account Documents
  • Trade Confirmations Tooltip
  • Shareholder Materials Tooltip
  • Tax Forms Tooltip  (Includes 1099 composites and 5498)

Your clients can elect to receive paperless documents in the following ways:

  • Your client can give consent during the account opening process Tooltip .
  • You can initiate the enrollment process for your clients at any time. See How to set up clients with paperless documents for more information.
  • Your client can enroll at any time from the Paperless page on Schwab Alliance.

After enrolling in paperless documents, clients can update their preferences at any time.

Features Trade Confirmations Tooltip and Shareholder Materials Tooltip :
  • Faster delivery—Delivered more quickly than with paper confirmations and shareholder materials (email is generally received within 24 hours of trade execution vs. three-plus days via U.S. Mail).
  • Confidential—If end-clients prefer to receive emails, they are sent without the client's name and address. Only three digits of the account number(s) are displayed to ensure privacy. Alternatively, if your client prefers to not see any trade information in the email, they can be set up to use which will allow them to log in to the site to review their trade confirmations. The clients will be notified via email that the trade confirmation is ready to be viewed without any confidential information.
  • Streamlined—Format includes the day's trading activity for the same account bundled into one easy-to-read email Tooltip .
  • Convenient access—Retrieve and easily search up to 10 years Tooltip  of paperless confirms anytime, anywhere from
Statements & Account Documents and Tax Forms Tooltip :
  • Faster delivery—Receive email notifications when documents become available rather than waiting for them to arrive in the mail.
  • Better security—Minimize the potential for lost or stolen documents by encouraging your clients to go paperless and access documents through
  • Streamlined—Receive a single notification email for all account statements.
  • Convenient access—Retrieve and easily search up to 10 years Tooltip  of Statements & Account Documents anytime, anywhere from
Electronic agreements & disclosures (new accounts only):
  • Reduced mail at account open—Receive electronic versions of agreements & disclosures for all accounts opened on the same day in a single email, rather than multiple account verification packages by mail. The account verification letter, which contains the account number, will continue to be mailed by paper.
  • Easy enrollment in paperless documents—Sign up for paperless Statements & Account Documents, Trade Confirmations, Shareholder Materials, and Tax Forms through email. Clients who already have an active Schwab Alliance login ID and valid email address are enrolled with no need for additional follow up because they provided consent in the account application.
Client requirements
  • access is a requirement to receive trade confirmations online.
  • For paperless documents, clients need a valid email address.
  • For Statements & Account Documents and the Tax Forms, clients need login credentials for Schwab Alliance.
Paperless documents enrollment activation Once a client enrolls in paperless documents, they will start receiving paperless document emails within 24 hours.

For information regarding the monitoring of the paperless documents enrollment process and client communications, see the following tables:

Monitoring paperless documents enrollment

You can initiate and monitor your clients' paperless documents enrollment status directly from Schwab Advisor Center®.

If you are already subscribed to Account Change alerts, then you will automatically receive alerts for all enrollment and un-enrollment activities the day after the triggering event. If you are not subscribed, see How to work with alerts for more information.

  • Clients who complete the enrollment process for paperless documents (Statements & Account Documents, Trade Confirmations Tooltip , Shareholder Materials Tooltip , and Tax Forms Tooltip ) will be enrolled within 1-2 business days. Clients may receive multiple letters (via U.S. Mail) including:
    • A client level letter that lists all accounts enrolled in either Statements & Account Documents or Tax Forms on the same day
    • A welcome letter confirming enrollment for each account
  • Email bounce back (failed email delivery) 
    • If the paperless confirm is undeliverable, a paper copy of the trade confirmation, along with a paper letter informing them that their email address should be updated, will be sent via U.S. Mail to the physical address of record. This will occur only after the first bounce. Subsequent bounces will initiate a paper trade confirm but not the letter. As long as the email continues to bounce, the paper trade confirms will be initiated until the client updates their email address. Once the email address is updated, paper trade confirms will be discontinued.
    • If either the Statements & Account Documents or Tax Forms notification email is undeliverable, a paper letter informing the account holder that their document is available online will be sent via U.S. Mail to the physical address of record. After three consecutive months of unsuccessful delivery, account(s) will revert to postal mail delivery.

Client communications

Clients may receive the following communications about paperless documents:

Statements & Account Documents

Communication Triggering event Purpose
Welcome Letter Your client receives this communication when he or she signs up for paperless Statements & Account Documents, Trade Confirmations, or Tax Forms. Informational
Email Bounce If a statement or account document returns as undelivered to the Schwab email system, we will mail this letter to your client. To update email address
Email Bounce Unenroll After three consecutive months of unsuccessful delivery, the account(s) will revert to postal mail delivery. To ask client to re-enroll in paperless and provide an updated email address

Comparison of paperless documents features and functionality

Document type Client notification Delivery method Available functionality Other details
Statements & Account Documents Email when statements available – occurs by the close of business on the fifth business day of the month.
  • View
  • Print
  • Download
Access year-to-date statements plus statements from the previous nine calendar years.
Trade Confirmations Tooltip Email within 24 hours of trade Email and
  • View
  • Print
  • Download
Access year-to-date trade confirmations plus trade confirmations form the previous nine calendar years.
Shareholder Materials Tooltip Email when shareholder materials are provided Email with Web link and/or PDF document
  • View
  • Print
  • Download
Regulatory shareholder materials include prospectuses, prospectus supplements, semiannual and annual reports, and proxy materials.
Tax Forms Tooltip Email when 1099 composite or a 5498 is available
  • View
  • Print
  • Download
Access tax forms from the most recent tax year plus the nine previous tax years.

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Brochures and instructional resources

The following are resources to help you talk about paperless documents with your clients:

Compliance and privacy

See the following resources regarding electronic transmission and privacy of documents: