Introduction to the Web Trading platform

Introduction to the Web Trading platform

The Web Trading platform is an intuitive trading solution fully integrated with Schwab Advisor Center® that provides equities, mutual funds, and options trading information to help you make informed trading decisions. As a Schwab client, your firm automatically receives access to the Web Trading platform. To obtain individual access, complete an Authorized Agent Designation Form to make updates to authorized agents and see your firm security administrator.

Key features of the Web Trading platform:

  • Equities, mutual funds, and options trading from one location
  • Access to contextual data, including account registration, account balance, and order status in a collapsible dashboard
  • Instant access to research and position information
  • Prime Broker and Trade Away allocation
  • Customizable trading preferences

Key information related to the Web Trading platform:

  • To use the Web Trading platform, you must submit an Authorized Agent Designation Form and obtain Trade Online Tooltip access from your firm's security administrator.
  • Click the Trading tab on Schwab Advisor Center to access the Web Trading platform.
  • Trading during extended hours is available for equities. Extended-hours trading may not be suitable for all investors and poses certain risks. These risks include lower liquidity, higher volatility, changing prices, unlinked markets, news announcements, and wider spreads.
  • Mutual fund orders are time-stamped when Schwab receives them, not when you click Submit. Orders received after the fund company's cutoff time will be processed the next business day. Allow ample time for your trades to be received. You will not be notified by a Schwab representative if your trade misses a cutoff time.
  • Contact your Schwab Trading team for help determining when an order placed near the market close will be processed.
  • You can customize your trading preferences by going to the Manual Order Entry tab and opening the Trading Preferences & Quick Links.

For information regarding the views and pages available in the Web Trading platform, refer to the following:

Order entry

The Manual Order Entry and Trade From Positions views provide relevant trading information, including balances, positions, order status, and market data. From this section, you can:

  • Create order lists across security types and client accounts
  • Process multiple trade orders efficiently at the block or sub-account level
  • Trade on the firm, master, or sub-account level
  • View all positions in a client account, including fixed income securities
  • Execute buys, sells, swaps, and linked mutual fund Tooltip orders
  • Utilize real-time quote data, the Shares Calculator, and the trade impact on balances to make informed trading decisions
  • Execute options strategies such as spreads, straddles, and buy writes
  • View current orders, running totals, and positions from a pop-up dashboard

Import trade files

Use Schwab's Web Trading File Specifications to import trade files from your firm and from other brokers to the trading platform where you can edit them, add new orders, and view and filter order edits. From the Import Trade Files section, you can:

  • Directly submit orders to the market through the Add and Edit interface
  • Automatically add order files generated by Portfolio Rebalancer
  • Filter and edit error messages
  • View the total estimated value of all buy and sell orders

Lot instructions

Use the lot instructions section to select the lots to use for any sell orders. You can also:

  • Import up to 10,000 equity trade orders with a maximum of 20 lot instructions
  • Select, change, and submit your lot instructions or delete the record and upload a new file


Allocate one block trade at a time, multiple trades you have imported, or manually enter and initiate a block trade and create the allocation instructions at the same time. You can also:

  • Allocate Schwab trades and trades done through other brokers (Prime Broker)
  • Auto-populate accounts and allocation share amounts evenly or as a percentage of the total account value
  • Submit allocation instructions with fraction shares for sell long equity orders executed through Schwab.

Watch list

The Watch List tab provides a snapshot of the market data for securities you choose to monitor. From this section you can:

  • Create and save multiple lists of up to 100 securities per list
  • Import up to 100 client positions into the Watch List by sub account, custom group, or master account using the View Positions link.
  • Customize a securities watch list to monitor performance, ratings, strength, and more with the Custom View tab
  • View various market and security data, including performance, analysis rating, strength, valuation, and fundamentals
  • Link directly to order entry to make a trade for the selected security
  • Set price alerts
  • Create and save security comparisons

Order status

Retrieve and manage orders by utilizing extensive search and filtering options. Filter criteria can be based on specific client or master account, date or date range, status, action, symbol, and time limit. From the order status sections, you can:

  • View consolidated order status data from all channels
  • Change or cancel open orders

How do I access the Web Trading platform?
To access the Web Trading platform, click the Trading tab on the Schwab Advisor Center website.

How do I import my trade files?
Refer to Web Trading File Specifications for detailed information on how to prepare a trade file for import. A link to the specifications also appears on the Import Trade Files tab.

Can I trade fixed income securities through the Web Trading platform?
No. Fixed income trading is a separate platform on Schwab Advisor Center. Like the Web Trading platform, you can find it by clicking the Trading tab.

How do I customize my trading preferences?
To customize your trading preferences, click Welcome at the top of the page and select Trading Preferences.

Can I trade through other brokers or just with Schwab?
Yes. You can trade through other brokers. Refer to Introduction to Prime Broker transactions to execute block trades at another broker-dealer or Introduction to Trade Away service to execute trades at the individual account level. You can use the Web Trading platform to enter some of your Prime Broker and Trade Away trade information.

The following are available to assist you:

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Introduction to general trading
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Introduction to order routing and execution
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For information on how to create and import trade files, refer to Web Trading File Specifications.

Contact the Trading desk for help with trading. Contact Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465 for immediate support on day-to-day issues.

Refer to the Trade Confirmation Terms & Conditions for additional details on using the Web Trading platform.

Read about the differences and risks of extended-hours trading.

To find out more about our trading platform, contact your Schwab relationship manager.