Introduction to the Strategy Desk and Advisor Trading Education

Introduction to the Strategy Desk and Advisor Trading Education

The Strategy Desk provides direct access to seasoned trading professionals who offer an array of trading education resources, primarily focused on options strategies.

One-on-one Strategy Consultations

Consult with the Strategy Desk on portfolio-specific option strategy needs, including:

  • Portfolio hedging
  • Concentrated stock position management
  • Income generation
  • Stock replacement and repair
  • Identifying potential benefits and risks when using options, complimented by written education
Weekly Webcasts

Every week, strategists and special guests discuss a variety of trading topics including:

  • Options strategies
  • Technical analysis
  • Market commentary from industry SMEs and Portfolio Managers
  • Implementing trading strategies, using Schwab and TD Ameritrade's trading technology
Market Insights

Read the Strategy Desk's weekly newsletter, Macro Monday:

  • Updated levels and YTD returns for major equity indices, sectors, commodities, and interest rates
  • Review of last week's market catalysts and the current week's outlook
  • A chart of the week focusing on technical analysis or economic data
  • Calendar of the week's important economic data

To schedule a one-on-one strategy consultation or to contact the Strategy Desk directly:

Is there a cost to the Strategy Desk's services?
The services of the Strategy Desk are free for Schwab advisors.

Do I need to sign any forms prior to engaging with the Strategy Desk? 
Yes. A Strategy Desk agreement is required prior to any one-on-one strategy consultation with the team. It is a firm-level agreement that must be signed and authorized by a principal at your firm then approved by Schwab Advisor Services.

When and where is the weekly trading webcast series?
The weekly trading webcast series is held every Tuesday afternoon at 4:30pm ET. Visit the events calendar on SAC/SAU to register.

Can end-clients participate in the one-on-one consultations with the Strategy Desk or attend the webcast series? 
The Strategy Desk's services are for advisors only. End-clients are not permitted to engage with the Strategy Desk or participate in the education events.

During what hours can I connect with the Strategy Desk?
The Strategy Desk's phone queue is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am ET – 5:30pm ET. Outside of those hours, you can leave the team a voicemail or email the Strategy Desk to set up a one-on-one consultation.

How do I subscribe to the Strategy Desk's newsletter?
Subscribe to the newsletter by emailing the Strategy Desk.