General Trading Information 

This page will provide you with general information about investment product trading at Schwab. Click on a link below to view a specific article.

Introduction to general trading
At Charles Schwab, you can trade securities from many different security types including equities, mutual funds, fixed income, exchange-traded funds, money market funds, and alternative investments to meet your clients’ needs. In order to trade effectively and efficiently, there are some policies, rules, and general trading information to be aware of.

Introduction to investment research
Schwab Advisor Center® provides access to a wide range of investment research content and tools to help you interpret market movement, track market events, and select appropriate securities for your clients.

Introduction to order routing and execution
When you place trades at Schwab, you’re placing your trust in us. That’s why we’re committed to providing fast, quality executions with the highest level of transparency related to our performance, process, and practices.

Introduction to the Web Trading platform
The Web Trading platform is an intuitive trading solution fully integrated with Schwab Advisor Center® data to provide the trading information and flexibility you need to make informed trading decisions. As a Schwab client, your firm automatically receives access to the trading platform.

Introduction to third-party trading integration
In addition to trading on Schwab's Web Trading platform, firms that currently utilize an order management system (OMS) or similar software may be interested in adding another level of integration to leverage their OMS investment.

Introduction to the Strategy Desk and Advisor Trading Education
The Strategy Desk provides direct access to seasoned trading professionals who offer an array of trading education resources, primarily focused on options strategies.

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