Portfolio Rebalancer

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Introduction to Portfolio Rebalancer
Schwab’s Portfolio Rebalancer automates the rebalancing process, freeing you from manual, time-consuming portfolio rebalancing tasks so you can focus on serving your clients and building your business

How to set up Portfolio Rebalancer
Schwab's Portfolio Rebalancer allows you to rebalance a single account, household group, portfolio model group, or batch of accounts against one or more models and target allocations. Establishing target allocations and securities-based models is a prerequisite to rebalancing your client's portfolios.

How to rebalance your portfolios
Schwab's Portfolio Rebalancer is a rebalancing tool that allows you to rebalance a single account, household group, multiple models, or batch of accounts. Once the accounts have been rebalanced, Portfolio Rebalancer can create a trade file for import to the Web Trading platform for validation and execution.

How to use advanced settings to customize Portfolio Rebalancer
Use the advanced settings in Portfolio Rebalancer to customize aspects of the rebalancing process for all accounts or for individual accounts.