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Introduction to Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect®

Introduction to Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect™

Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect is designed as a solution that integrates key portfolio management capabilities directly within the platform you use to manage your clients' accounts every day.

This system is designed to put information and intuitive workflows at your fingertips with a minimum of operational requirements—meaning less time managing data and more time spent on what you do best.

  • View interactive investment dashboards including Time Weighted Returns, Asset Allocation, and Components of Change.
  • Create Groups for household or other multi-account presentations.
  • Customize asset classification based on your firm's preferences.
  • Leverage advanced billing calculations for end to end management fee workflows.
  • Produce advisor branded period end client reports.
  • View firm level investment dashboards including Historical AUM, Components of Change, Highest Value Accounts, Top Holdings, and Top Flows. 

How is Portfolio Connect accessed? What permissions are needed?
To let the onboarding team know you're interested in Portfolio Connect, submit an interest survey. Your responses will be used in Schwab's targeted and purposeful onboarding process to determine if Portfolio Connect is a good fit for your firm. When the platform is enabled, it's accessed through Schwab Advisor Center®. Users with the Schwab Advisor Center firm security administrator (FSA) Tooltip designation have access to all accounts and data within Portfolio Connect.

Non-FSA users have:

  • The same account data access on Portfolio Connect that they do on Schwab Advisor Center
  • No access to firm level data

See How to work with Schwab Advisor Center® user security groups for details.

What Schwab account types will be supported by Portfolio Connect?
Portfolio Connect supports Schwab brokerage accounts. Users will have the same account data access to brokerage accounts across Portfolio Connect and Schwab Advisor Center.

How do I manage my portfolio data? Is it an outsourced solution?
The unique benefit this product provides is the automatic population of Schwab account information and custody data within the system. Portfolio Connect receives daily updates for transactions, positions, balances, new accounts, closed accounts, and security data directly from Schwab. This means that you do not have to download, post, or reconcile data; pay for security information; or pay for outsourced services. Your data matches Schwab data—each time, every time.

Can I run Portfolio Connect in parallel with another portfolio management system?
Yes, advisors comparing any two portfolio management systems should be aware that various systems use different approaches to calculations. Therefore, values may not be identical across systems.

Ultimately, each firm should decide if the Portfolio Connect platform satisfies its portfolio management needs.

How can I see historical account information in Portfolio Connect?
All firms adopting Portfolio Connect automatically see account information as far back as January 1, 2017.

This historical data will support all Portfolio Connect features, including holdings, transactions, components of change, and all performance views. Cost-basis data are available to display details for all open tax lots beginning on the date you begin using the platform.

Note: Accounts converted from TD Ameritrade on September 5, 2023 have history starting that date.

Does it cost to use Portfolio Connect?
No, this product is offered to advisors free of charge for Schwab accounts.

How to work with fee schedules in Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect®
How to get started in Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect®

For additional resources, go to the Help menu at the top of each page in Portfolio Connect. Call the number listed under Contact Us to speak with platform support.