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Introduction to Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect® Positions and Transactions

Introduction to Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect® Positions and Transactions

Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect provides account and account group holdings from the previous business day and transactional information. Security classifications, position quantity, position value, cost basis, accrued income and transactional history can be viewed via Positions and Transactions.

To view holdings and transactional information for an account in Portfolio Connect, go to Accounts > Accounts > select an account > click Positions or Transactions, as applicable.

To view holdings and transactional information for an account group in Portfolio Connect, go to Accounts > Account Groups > select an account group > click Positions or Transactions, as applicable.

Key features related to Positions and Transactions:

  • Position information as of yesterday’s close of business including Total Quantity, Total Value, Cost Basis, Accrued Income, and Unrealized Gain 
  • Trade Lots Summary including Open Date, Price Paid, Unit Cost, Short Term Gain/Loss, and Long Term Gain/Loss 
  • User-defined security classifications and aggregated values 
  • History of transactions for a user-defined date range 
  • Additional detailed transactional information through Transaction Details 
  • Advanced filtering of positions and transactions

Additional features and details related to Positions and Transactions:

ColumnFound in PositionsFound in TransactionsDescription
SymbolYesYesThe security identifier. This identifier can be the ticker symbol or the CUSIP number
NameYesYesUser-defined Display Name of the security.

Number of shares affected by/included in the transaction.

  • Positions—Displays aggregated quantity.
  • Transactions—Displays quantity specific to the individual transaction activity.
Cost BasisYesNoThe original price of an asset used in determining capital gains. Cost basis is the purchase price including all fees.
PriceNoYesPrice of the security on the trade date of the transaction.
Total ValueYesNoMarket Value + Accrued Interest on the As Of date.
Accrued IncomeYesNoInterest that is accumulated since the last pay date but not yet paid.
Unrealized G/LYesNoThe gain or loss that occurs when the underlying asset is sold, redeemed, or disposed.
% Unrealized G/LYesNoThe percent gain or loss that occurs when the underlying asset is sold, redeemed, or disposed.
% AssetsYesNoThe proportionate size of the position value in the total account or account group value expressed as a percentage.
Trade DateNoYesEffective date of the transaction
ActivityNoYesThe type of transaction in the Account or Account Group.
AmountNoYesDollar value associated with a transaction.

Once you are in Positions or Transactions, you can navigate to additional screens for more information about your securities or transactions:

Trade Lots SummaryThis page provides detailed information about each trade lot.
To navigate to Trade Lots Summary, within Position Summary > Quantity > select a quantity for any of the listed securities.
Transactions DetailsProvides insight into the details of a transaction. This chart provides additional information not available on the transaction summary.
To navigate to Transactions Detail, within Transaction Summary > Trade Date > select a trade date for any of the listed activities.

Use the following features to access additional information about the positions or transactions:

Date SelectorDisplays the As Of date for the content on the Positions Summary. Users can use the calendar to view data for a different As Of date.
Date to Date SelectorDisplays the Begin Date and End Date in the Transactions Summary. Users can change the dates to filter the list of transactions.
Expand/Collapse controlsExpand or collapse a section of the Positions Summary to get a quick total or expanded detail about specific holdings in the account or account group.
Filter Control

Identify specific positions by symbol or name. Click the filter control at the top-right corner and apply the filter(s):

  • Symbol = enter a partial or full symbol in the Symbol field
  • Name = enter a partial or full position name in the Name field

Why am I unable to see a Quantity for every position in the Position Summary?
Securities identified as Cash or Cash & Equivalent do not display a quantity. The overall holdings of the Cash security are available in the Total Amount column. If a security is incorrectly classified as Cash, reference Introduction to Schwab Advisor Portfolio Connect® Classification to change it.

Why am I unable to see a Cost Basis number for all of my positions in the Positions Summary?Cost Basis information provided to Portfolio Connect is flagged with several attributes to inform the system about the accuracy of the number. If the cost basis is flagged as Complete, the value is displayed in the Positions Summary and Trade Lot Details views. If the cost basis is flagged as Not Fully Known, the system displays the position with a '–'.

Why am I unable to see a Quantity & Price for every transaction in the Transaction Summary?Transactions identified as affecting only Cash do not display a quantity or price. The dollar amount of the transaction is available in the Amount or Transaction Amount fields.

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For additional resources, go to the Help menu at the top of each page in Portfolio Connect. Call the number listed under Contact Us to speak with platform support.