How to work with Model Market Center™


Model Market Center offers access to a wide variety of model portfolios so you can personalize your clients' investments without the operational burden of building and maintaining your own models—while still maintaining full trading authority.

  • Model Market Center is accessible from within iRebal® on Schwab Advisor Center®, so you will first need to ensure you have access to iRebal.
  • Google Chrome provides the best browser experience and is strongly encouraged.
  • For first-time users, accept the Model Market Center User Agreement when prompted.
  • You must complete the Management Fee Account Authorization agreement in order to use certain models.
  1. Go to Schwab Advisor Center, click Trading > iRebal > Launch.
  2. In the iRebal main menu, click Models > Model Market Center.
    • You can also access Model Market Center via the portlet located near the bottom of the iRebal homepage.
  3. From the Model Market Center dashboard screen:
    • Customize your view based on Manager name, Risk Category, YTD returns, and more via the following tools:
      • Filters tab (right side menu)
      • Columns tab (right side menu)
      • Sorting by column header
      • Drag and Drop by column header
    • Click on any model name to open the slide-out Model Detail screen
      • You can scroll up and down to view the data or click on the Expand All / Collapse All options in the upper right corner to filter as needed.
      • You can subscribe to the model in context by clicking the Subscribe button at the top left corner of the window.
      • From the Subscribe to Models confirmation screen, take any of the following actions:
        • Assign Models to Portfolios
        • Create a New Blended Model
        • Add to an Existing Blended Model
    • To subscribe to multiple model(s), select up to five models and click the Subscribe button.
      • From the Subscribe to Models confirmation screen, take any of the following actions:
        • Assign Models to Portfolios
        • Create a New Blended Model
        • Add to an Existing Blended Model
    • Once subscribed to a model, it will be available to view in your Models page. You can also start assigning portfolios to it from the Portfolios page or create blended models.

You can build custom portfolios for clients by creating blended models. Blended Models allow you to combine models from Model Market Center with your own models and/or securities within a single client account.

How the models are implemented and traded are based on your iRebal Settings. To purchase alternate securities, instead of the target securities the manager set, iRebal lets you define Security, Rebalancing, and/or Trading rules. You can assign restrictions on any model to which you are subscribed using the iRebal rebalancing process. For example, you could instruct iRebal to "Never Sell" a client holding.

As the advisor, you have ultimate control over your iRebal settings, and the decision on how and when to execute trades for your clients.

To access the FinMason User Guide Model Impact Tool, click the FinMason button (near Agreements).

To see important updates from managers regarding new models, model changes, model removals, etc., click the Manager Notifications button in the Model Market Center dashboard.

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Schwab and FinMason are separate, unaffiliated companies. Schwab is not responsible for each other's opinions, policies, and services. The FinMason Model Impact information, printouts, and any information from the Model Market Center is intended for investment professional use and viewing only and is not a substitute for appropriate model or other investment due diligence. It may not be distributed to members of the public, nor used in written form as sales literature for public use.

Material made available through the Model Market Center is provided by affiliated and unaffiliated Model Managers and information providers. Schwab has not paid for or been involved in the preparation of the content, and has not verified, endorsed or approved the content. Schwab assumes no responsibility for any fact, recommendation, opinion, or advice contained in any such model portfolio or materials and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any investment decisions or for the suitability of any security or transaction based on it. Any mention of specific managers and/or models should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation by Schwab. Users of Model Market Center are responsible for all upfront and ongoing manager and model due diligence.

Certain model attributes are sourced from Informa PSN. The PSN Data Set and any other Informa content is supplied by Zephyr, A Division of Informa Business Intelligence, Inc. The PSN Data Set may not be copied or distributed and is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Schwab and Informa Business Intelligence, Inc. are separate unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other's services.

Schwab typically receives remuneration from ETFs and mutual funds and/or their managers that participate in the MMC for administrative and/or other services.

Model Market Center leverages iRebal® to provide independent RIAs access to model portfolios provided by affiliated and unaffiliated Model Managers. 
iRebal® is a technology offering of Schwab. Rebalancing does not protect against losses or guarantee that an investor's goals will be met. Market volatility, volume, and system availability may delay account access and trade executions.

Schwab does not provide investment planning, legal, regulatory, tax or compliance advice. Consult professionals in these fields to address your specific circumstances.