How to get started in iRebal®


iRebal is available for all accounts custodied with Schwab and is seamlessly integrated into Schwab Advisor Center®. This article explains how your firm is enabled for iRebal, how each firm user gains access, and how users with access can launch the tool.

  • Firm enablement for iRebal
    • Go to the Advisor Services iRebal page for more details and complete the interest survey (available early September) to request enablement for your firm.
    • To ensure a seamless onboarding experience, we are taking a measured approach starting in Q4 of 2023. During the early phases of the rollout, there will be limited spots available, so we encourage you to complete and submit the interest survey as soon as possible.
  • User access granted by firm's security administrator (FSA)
  • Security Group: Access iRebal
  • Launch the software from Schwab Advisor Center
  • Create and manage portfolio and account settings (for the accounts each user has access to)
  • Schedule, run, and review rebalances

Once your firm has been enabled, your firm security administrator (FSA) will grant access to all users who should use iRebal. There are four levels of access the FSA can assign, based on the security groups listed below, which will give different users varying levels of permission within the tool.

Security groups and access levels

Security group Type of access
Access iRebal
  • Launch the software from Schwab Advisor Center
  • Create and manage portfolio and account settings (for the accounts each user can access)
  • Schedule, run, and review rebalances
Access iRebal Trader Allows a user to edit, approve, and submit orders from the iRebal blotter
Access Model Security Manager These users can create, edit, or delete iRebal models, add securities to the iRebal security master, and edit iRebal trading rules
Access iRebal Admin Give permission for users to edit the global settings for a firm's iRebal environment (default rules for cash settings, dividend reinvestment, and rebalance bands)

How your FSA can provide access

  • To provide access, your FSA should open the Security Center on Schwab Advisor Center.
  • From this interface, the FSA can add one or more of the functions listed above to:
    • An individual user
    • A security group (existing or new)
  • If your firm requires groups of users having different levels of iRebal permissions, your FSA may:
    1. Create a group 
    2. Duplicate the group, adding or removing iRebal permissions as needed
    3. Assign users to the appropriate group once all are established
  • Remember, each user or group must also have access to the data for the relevant master accounts to rebalance those accounts within iRebal.

Once your FSA has established the security groups, confirm your access one to two business days after you are enabled by following the steps listed in the How to launch iRebal section below. If the Launch button does not appear, contact your FSA or the iRebal support team.

To launch iRebal, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Schwab Advisor Center, click Trading > iRebal > Launch.
  2. If you are not able to launch, ensure that your FSA has granted you the proper level of access.

If after using iRebal you feel you require additional role permissions, ask your FSA to add them within Security Center.

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