This page will provide you with helpful information about iRebal.

Introduction to iRebal®
iRebal is Schwab's premier rebalancing platform, designed to seamlessly integrate into your firm's workflows, shortening manual rebalancing efforts from weeks down to hours. It is a customizable, rule-based program that offers you more effective portfolio management, including tools to handle tax-efficient rebalancing, dynamic cash management, tax-loss harvesting, and more—all through an intuitive interface.

How to get started in iRebal®
iRebal is available for all accounts custodied with Schwab and is seamlessly integrated into Schwab Advisor Center®. This article explains how your firm is enabled for iRebal, how each firm user gains access, and how users with access can launch the tool.

How to rebalance in iRebal®
Assign your client portfolios to a model and start running rebalances. iRebal allows you to use a variety of submission types based on the trades you want to implement.