Cash & Fixed Income 

This page will provide you with helpful information about cash and fixed income products at Schwab. Click on a link below to view a specific article.

Introduction to cash solutions
Schwab offers a wide spectrum of cash solutions which offer attractive yields and smart features.

Introduction to fixed income trading
Fixed income trading provides a way for you to help meet your client’s capital preservation and income goals. By utilizing the Fixed Income interface on the Schwab Advisor Center® Web Trading platform, you can access thousands of fixed income securities and perform several types of trades. However, certain types of transactions must be completed by contacting an advisor bond specialist at the Advisor Services Fixed Income Desk.

How to trade fixed income securities
Advisors can view credit ratings and fixed income market data, as well as buy and sell fixed income products directly online. Trading some fixed income products, however, require you to contact a Schwab Fixed Income Trading Representative at the Advisor Fixed Income desk. Orders can be processed during the normal fixed income availability schedule. Trading functions are limited to view only during the weekend fixed income availability schedule.

How to purchase structured products
Structured products are manufactured investment products designed to provide investors with varying levels of both principal at risk and participation in market returns. Schwab's platform gives advisors an open architecture approach to sourcing structured products for their client portfolios. Advisors with an approved structured product addendum on file can access new-issue structured products that meet our minimum custody and trading requirements.