Introduction to the Activity tab on Schwab Advisor Center®

Introduction to the Activity tab on Schwab Advisor Center®

Schwab Advisor Center® allows you to view real-time status information for almost all of your submitted requests, including most Account Maintenance updates, incoming Transfer of Accounts (TOA), new accounts, and Trade Aways-providing you with the same up-to-date information your service team relies on when you contact them with questions. Schwab is working towards our goal of providing greater detailed status on all of your work requests. On the Activity tab in the Accounts sections of Schwab Advisor Center, you will find four pages that contain status-related information: Overview, Status, Service Request History, and Trade Away.

Key features of the Overview page include:

• A condensed view and one stop to see the most important Status requests and Alerts.




View by
  • Status
    • Action Needed
    • New
    • In Process
    • Resolved
    • Canceled
  • Request Type
    • Account Maintenance
    • Account Open
    • Alternative Investment
    • Cost Basis
    • Digital Envelope
    • Estates
    • Move Money
    • Transfer of Accounts
  • Relevance
    • All
    • Unread
    • Action Needed
    • Urgent
  • Alert Type (The top 10 most common Alert Types are displayed here)
    • Account Change
    • Client Initiated
    • Cost Basis
    • Deposits & Withdrawals
    • eSignature
    • Message from Schwab Team
    • Move Money
    • New Account
    • TOA
    • Trading
View results for a select timeframe
  • Last 3 Days
  • Last 5 Days
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 10 Days
To view details:
  1. Click on a status panel to expand the list.
  2. Click blue link under Request Type.
  3. Under Status Details, select:
    • Update Request, or
    • Set Notifications
  4. At the top right, click X to close Status Details.
  1. Click on an alerts panel to expand the list.
  2. Click blue link under Subject.
  3. Under Alert Details, review details on the alert.
  4. At the top right, click X to close Alert Details.
To navigate to the main page: Click:
  • The Status header, or
  • View All on Status Page
  • The Alerts header, or
  • View All on Alerts Page

Key features of the Status page include:

  • Status on many of the most common request types:
    • Account Maintenance
    • Account Open
    • Alternative Investment
    • Cost Basis
    • Digital Envelope
    • Estates 
    • Move Money (Summary view only, detailed information is available on the Move Money tab)
    • Transfer of Accounts
  • Definition of Status descriptions:  
    • New – Schwab accepted your request for processing.
    • In Process – Items in this state are being processed and are in good order. Currently, there is no additional action needed by you to complete the request.
    • Action Needed – Generally, this means your request is not in good order (NIGO). Go to Status Details or Alerts page for information about the request.
    • Resolved – The request was completed or resolved according to normal processing guidelines. Some updates may not reflect until the following business day.
    • Canceled – The request was canceled at your request, or by Schwab, before it was completed.
  • Some submissions may take up to one hour to appear under normal processing conditions.
  • The options in the Action menu allow you to use:
    • View Detail to see additional information about your request, including Request History
    • Update Request to send additional documentation or messages regarding your request to Schwab 
    • Update Envelope to make direct updates in Action Center for Digital Envelope Request types
    • Print to print or save your request
    • Set Notifications to receive emails when the status of your requests change to Action Needed or Resolved 
  • Enhanced search allows you to find requests by account name, account number, or keywords with a few keystrokes
  • Links to Alerts or other information related to the request
  • Links to transaction details for Move Money requests 

Key features of Service Request History includes:

  • A list of your firm's Service Request submissions, including documents attached to them.
  • Status of your Service Requests submissions can be found on the Status page.
  • View any attachments by clicking on the paperclip icon. If your request has one attachment, it will begin downloading automatically. If there are two or more attachments, a popup displaying available attachments for download will open.

A tracking ID is associated with each service request to assist with your Schwab service team conversations. It may also be used on the Status page to filter your results to find requests related to your Service Request.

What is the difference between Status and Alerts?
Status refers to the current state of requests you have submitted to Schwab. Alerts are designed to be proactive information messages generated by Schwab to help you serve your clients. While some overlap may occur between Status and Alerts, keeping this distinction in mind will help you to use Status and Alerts more efficiently.

Where can I find TOAs?
Go to the Status page to see TOAs created on June 12, 2020 or later.

What is the Update Requests option in the Action column?
The link allows you to update your in-progress requests to resolve NIGO items or to add supplemental documentation. Your Update Request submissions will show under Service Requests.

Why isn't a request I submitted showing under Status?
Due to the reasons below, you may not see a status for your request:

  • Generally, a request will be associated to the FA master to ensure efficient processing. Check under the FA master if you have access or can look for status at the account or custom group.
  • It’s possible your request is being reviewed and classified for processing. Under normal conditions, this may take up to an hour. If Schwab is experiencing high volumes, this may take even longer.
  • Your request may not be eligible to display on the Status page. This affects a small number of request types generally related to internal processing. Most request types are available on the Status page.

​​​​​​What is a Case ID?
The Case ID is a task identification number associated with a message, requesting action on the part of the user. For any in-process task, the ID is required to be clearly listed on any additional documentation sent to Schwab. There may be a delay in completing the task if the ID is not included.

What is the NSCC?
The NSCC is the National Securities Clearing Corporation. Brokerage firms, exchanges, and other clearing corporations reconcile accounts through the NSCC. Some incoming transfers are processed via the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), which is owned and operated by the NSCC. For a transfer to qualify as an ACAT, both the receiving firm and the delivering firm must be NSCC members.

How many days before a request drops from my view on the Status page?
Your requests are visible on the Status page for 90 days after they have been resolved or canceled.

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