How to submit and use Service Requests 

How to submit and use Service Requests 

The Service Request tool is an online feature that allows advisors to transmit information to their service teams and include up to ten documents. This tool provides a secure method to transmit forms, applications, and other documents that are intended to be processed and directed to Schwab's workflow system. You may also submit digitally signed forms using service requests.

Submitting requests digitally may result in faster processing times and reduce errors. Prior to submitting documents through Service Requests, consider leveraging the Move Money tool, digital onboarding (for details, see Digital onboarding education) and address change tool.

To submit a service request, you will need the following:

  • Read data access Tooltip for all appropriate master accounts
  • For importing files:
    • A file in one of Schwab's accepted file formats
    • A file that is not:
      • Password protected
      • Zip compressed
      • Less than 100 dpi
      • Page size less than 1x1 inches or greater than 14x14 inches 
    • A file using black ink only (to avoid delays due to poor-quality images)
  • Total size of all attachments in a service request not to exceed 30 MB
  • If uploading forms, a form approved for electronic submission

This process may be used to submit service requests using the Service Request tool on Schwab Advisor Center®.

  1. Go to Schwab Advisor Center and, on the left side of the Accounts page, select New Service Request.
  2. Select the appropriate topic and subtopic.
  3. Select the master account.
  4. Find client's account number to which the files reference by typing at least three digits of the account number or characters of the account holder's name in the Account search box.
  5. If the new service request is a follow-up to an existing service request, entering the case ID (using format of XX-99999999) merges the requests upon submission.
  6. In Request Name, enter a brief description of the request.
    Note: If no value is entered, the request name will default to Service Request Submission.
  7. In Request Description, enter a full description of the request relating directly to the files submitted. Text contained in this section will automatically become the cover letter to the attached documents.
  8. Drag and drop files onto the page or click Browse and locate the files to upload. If file issues are detected, a warning message will appear in the error box at the top of the screen. Correct the issue and then upload the file again.
  9. Select the CC checkbox to send a copy of this request to your email. Click Send.

Note: Schwab does not accept trades submitted through the Service Request tool. If you wish to submit a trade, access the Schwab Advisor Center website trading functionality or contact the appropriate Schwab trading team. Schwab also does not accept complaints through the Service Request tool. Contact your service team for instructions on how to submit complaints.

This process may be used to view existing service requests on Schwab Advisor Center.

  1. Go to the Accounts page on Schwab Advisor Center, click Activity, and then select Service Request History. Do a search by:
    • Filtering:
      • Topic
      • Subtopic
      • Time Frame
    • Entering data in Keyword Search (must be the exact Service Request Name, Request Description, or Account Name)
  2. Locate the appropriate service request to review the request information. You can also select multiple service requests and then click the Export link for further analysis.

Once you have submitted your service request:

  • The acknowledgement page provides you with a confirmation that your request has been submitted and a service request tracking ID.
  • You can check eligible transactions under the Status tab.
  • Check the Status tab for up-to-date information on your request.
  • If you have questions about submitting service requests, contact Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465.

How do I know that my request was received?
Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a unique confirmation number/tracking identification code to reference when talking to your service team. In addition, you can check the Status tab to see if the service request has posted. If your submission was successful, it will have a status of New.

Can I submit service requests using the Schwab Advisor Center Mobile app?
No. The Service Request tool is not available in the app; however, the tool is compatible with a mobile web browser.

How do I send a service request without an attachment?
Under Request Topic, select Send a Message and then choose the recipient of your message under Request Subtopic.

Note: My Service Team subtopic has been retired. For Account Maintenance or Move Money requests without an attachment, use topics Move Money or Account Maintenance and subtopic Other

What is the difference between a tracking ID and a case ID?
A tracking ID is created when a service request has been successfully received by Schwab. Once Schwab is able to review the contents of the service request, the items in the request will be assigned internal processing numbers, or case IDs.

How do I provide supplemental information to an in process request?
For eligible in process requests you can provide additional documents or messages via the Status page. In addition, you can use the Service Request form merge function by entering a proper case ID.

How long are service request attachments available on Schwab Advisor Center?
Attachments are available for 180 days after they are submitted. Contact your Schwab service team to obtain copies of documents no longer available on Schwab Advisor Center.

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