How to request account data download access for service providers

How to request account data download access for service providers

If a service provider requests access to download data from one or more master accounts, visit the Account Management page on Schwab Advisor Center® and complete the Request for Data Access Agreement form.

To submit the request to set up a service provider, you will need the following:

  • Valid Schwab Advisor Center credentials
  • An open master account from which the data will be downloaded

This process may be used initiate a request authorizing service provider firms to download account data from Schwab Advisor Center. 

  1. Go to the Account Management forms library and search for Request for Data Access Agreement.
  2. To the right of the form, click Select then Submit Request.
  3. Complete the required fields and click Submit Request.
  4. Within three business days, you, your service provider, and the service provider's agent (if applicable) will receive an email notification to sign the form via DocuSign®.
  5. Click the link on the email notification and provide your signature.

After all signatures are obtained, Schwab will assign the master account to the downloading firm and send an email notification to the service provider (and service provider's Agent, if applicable).

If you have questions about the data access set up process, call Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465.

Go to the forms library on Schwab Advisor Center and do a search for: Request for Data Access Agreement.

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