Schwab Advisor Center

This page will provide you with helpful information about how to maximize your use of the Schwab Advisor Center.

How to use digital onboarding for eAuthorization
The fully digital onboarding experience, for both you and your clients, lets you open, approve, fund, and set up features for client accounts in a single digital workflow. Your client will electronically review and approve the application using their Schwab Alliance credentials, and clients without credentials will be able to create them as part of the process.

Introduction to alerts
Schwab uses alerts—notices that range from trading information to missing documentation—to keep you up to date on your clients' accounts. Most of these notices are informational, such as a change to a bond's credit status, but some require immediate action, such as a sellout. You can view alerts on Schwab Advisor Center® and receive email notifications regarding new alerts.

How to work with alerts
Schwab uses alerts—notices that range from trading information to missing documentation—to keep you up to date on your client’s accounts. You can customize the alerts you receive, take action on alerts, and archive alerts that have been viewed or resolved.

Introduction to the Profiles tab
The Profiles tab on Schwab Advisor Center® provides easy, online access to a wide range of client account information, such as authorizations, electronic delivery preferences, mobile and web access, and account holder and contact data.

Introduction to the Balances, Positions, and Transactions tabs
The Balances, Positions, and Transactions tabs on Schwab Advisor Center® provide real-time information on individual client portfolios. You can view information on account values, market values, deposits, withdrawals, trades, and up to 24 months of transaction activity.

Introduction to the Corporate Actions tool
A corporate action is any event, initiated by a public company, which affects securities, such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and stock splits. The Corporate Actions tool provides you with timely notice of upcoming voluntary corporate actions for securities held in client accounts.

Introduction to the Activity tab on Schwab Advisor Center®
Schwab Advisor Center® allows you to view real-time status information for almost all of your submitted requests, including most Account Maintenance updates, incoming Transfer of Accounts (TOA), new accounts, and Trade Aways-providing you with the same up-to-date information your service team relies on when you contact them with questions. Schwab is working towards our goal of providing greater detailed status on all of your work requests. On the Activity tab in the Accounts sections of Schwab Advisor Center, you will find three pages that contain status-related information: Status, Service Request History, and Trade Away. 

How to request account data download access for service providers
If a service provider requests access to download data from one or more master accounts, visit the Account Management page on Schwab Advisor Center® and complete the Request for Data Access Agreement form.

How to submit and use Service Requests
The Service Request tool is an online feature that provides advisors a secure method to transmit forms, applications, and other documents to Schwab. You may also submit digitally signed forms using service requests.

Submitting requests digitally may result in faster processing times and reduce errors. Prior to submitting documents through Service Requests, consider leveraging the Move Money tool, digital onboarding, and address change tool.

Introduction to the Proxy Events page
Use the Proxy Events landing page on Schwab Advisor Center to view and/or vote European Union proxy events impacting clients.

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