Security Administration 

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Introduction to the Schwab Data Sharing Relationship Attestation Tool
Information and key features of Schwab’s Data Sharing Relationship Attestation Tool.

How to work with Schwab Advisor Center® user security groups
A user security group is a set of accounts grouped by the functions their members have permission to perform and the data to which they have access. The firm security administrator can change a user's access rights at any time by moving their account to a group whose access to functions is different.

How to work with Schwab Advisor Center® security features
With Schwab Advisor Center security features, users can improve security by changing their password every three months and by using an authentication device to log in to Schwab Advisor Center whether they are in the office or working remotely.

How to use Group Manager
Group Manager is a tool that allows firms to combine accounts into user-defined custom groups, so that you can view data for multiple accounts at the same time. You can see and use custom groups in data views and in Portfolio Rebalancer within Schwab Advisor Center®.

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