Introduction to Schwab Data Delivery®

Introduction to Schwab Data Delivery®

Schwab Data Delivery is a computer application that helps advisors export and manage their clients' data.

With Schwab Data Delivery, you can download, process, and view your client's account data through the end of the previous business day. You can also set up downloads for separate master accounts, establish download preferences, and schedule daily tasks.

Key information related to Schwab Data Delivery:

There are three sections in Schwab Data Delivery: Data Utilities, Data Viewers, and Preferences.

Data Utilities

The Dashboard, located in Data Utilities, is the Schwab Data Delivery landing page and main hub for all file download activity. From the Dashboard you can view:

  • Current Activity Tooltip —Indicates progress of file downloads and reconciliation file generation
  • View Logs Tooltip —Displays file name, date modified, document type, and size
  • Recent Activity Tooltip —Displays the file status of the last 10 downloads
  • Scheduled Tasks—Displays name, type, time, frequency, and status of scheduled tasks with options to revise or delete schedules

The Download History, located in Data Utilities, offers a view of the last 10 successful downloads. You can use the Download History tab to pinpoint the date you last received a particular file, troubleshoot file download issues, and to re-download files.

Data Viewers

The Data Viewers Page provides prior day and historical account data from downloaded files. Data Viewers allow you to generate reports from ranges of historical data and resolve reconciliation errors with your portfolio management system. You can select the following data views in this section:

  • Transactions
    • Displays all transactions for a master account, such as buys, sells, dividends, and cash transfers*
    • Offers transaction views in multiple transaction file formats depending on the file type generated for your master accounts
  • Positions
    • Displays end-of-day security holdings for each account within the master account
    • Provides views of historical positions and associated market values
  • Balances
    • Displays balances for each account in the master account
    • Provides views of historical balances such as month-end and quarter-end balances, and tracks movement of balances over time
  • Confirms

*Data fields in the Transactions viewer vary depending on the file type subscribed to by your firm.

PreferencesThe Preferences section allows you to update your existing preferences, such as the default folder location for file downloads, Data View preferences, and existing master account reconciliation file settings. You can also add new master account downloads, account descriptions, and download folder locations.

See How to set up Schwab Data Delivery® preferences for steps to update download preferences.

Does Schwab offer a data viewer for cost basis files?
To view cost basis information at the account level, use the Schwab Advisor Center’s Cost Basis page found under the Account tab. You can also review Steps for Viewing Schwab Data Delivery cost basis files.

Where can I find intra-day account information?
Many of the pages under the Accounts tab of Schwab Advisor Center offer intra-day updates (e.g., Balances, Positions, Transactions, Cost Basis, and Divided Reinvestment status).

Where can I find account-level information?
The Profiles page under the Accounts tab of Schwab Advisor Center lists all account-level information, product enrollment settings, and many other details such as name, date of birth, and tax ID.

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If you have questions about using Schwab Data Delivery, contact Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465.

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