How to install Schwab Data Delivery®

How to install Schwab Data Delivery®

Schwab Data Delivery (SDD) is a computer application that helps advisors export and manage their clients' data.

With Schwab Data Delivery, you can reduce manual data entry and errors by transferring data directly from Schwab to a database, spreadsheet, or customized tasks. This application also allows you to easily set up master accounts, establish account preferences, and schedule daily downloads.

You can install Schwab Data Delivery from Schwab Advisor Center®.

To install Schwab Data Delivery, you will need the following Schwab Advisor Center permissions:

All users
  • Download data access Tooltip
  • .NET Framework version 4.8 or later
  • Windows® 10 or later
  • Windows administrative permissions to install the Windows service scheduler application
Client of Retirement Business Services or Corporate Brokerage Retirement Services
  • Access Upload Files security function Tooltip
  • Access SDD Upload security function Tooltip

This process may be used to install Schwab Data Delivery from Schwab Advisor Center.

Note: To ensure a successful installation, validate the Windows user account logged into the machine has permissions to install new applications.

  1. From the Accounts page on Schwab Advisor Center, select the More dropdown, and then select Schwab Data Delivery to open the Schwab Data Delivery User Agreement page.
  2. Review the user agreement, select the radio button to agree to the terms, and then click Install Schwab Data Delivery. Click Install on the pop-up window to initiate the installation.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you will see a prompt to enter your Schwab Advisor Center credentials.
  4. Use the setup wizard to establish your Schwab Data Delivery preferences.
  5. Click Next to bypass the Introduction screen. You can then choose to install a shortcut to the application on your desktop. The default for the option is Yes. Select Next to install the shortcut or select No if you do not want to add the shortcut to your computer.
  6. On the General Preferences screen, enter your Schwab Advisor Center login credentials. In the Default Folder (required) section, click Next to choose the suggested default folder Tooltip , or click Browse to locate and choose an existing folder.
  7. Complete Steps 4 through 8 in the setup wizard or click Next to complete these steps later. If you choose Next, you will be sent to the final step of setting up your automatic downloads.
  8. Click Finish to set up your automatic tasks preferences and complete the install or select No and click Finish to complete the install. 
  9. If you wish to set up your automatic data downloads, choose Yes. Otherwise, choose No. You can complete the setup at a later time. Select Next.
  10. Choose Upgrade to the new Windows service scheduler, then select Next.
  11. Begin the install by selecting the Install Scheduler button. After the install completes, select Next.
  12. You will see a popup prompting you to approve the installation and accept the license agreement. You will be prompted to enter the administrator credentials if you are not an admin on the machine. Select Next.
  13. Accept the terms and license agreement, then select Next to continue.
  14. On the Default Folder screen, either click Next to use the default installation folder, or select a new folder destination, then select Next.
  15. You will be prompted to enter your Windows credentials. These are the Windows credentials that you use to log in to the machine. This credential need not necessarily have the admin privilege. Click Next and then click Finish to complete the installation. Go back to SDD and click Next.
  16. If the Schwab Data Delivery software was previously installed on the machine and had scheduled tasks, you may be prompted to migrate old tasks to the new task scheduler. This is an optional task.
  17. If you choose to migrate the tasks in the previous step, you will be given an option to disable the old tasks.

Note: To ensure a successful installation, validate the Windows user account logged into the machine has permissions to install new applications.

This process will automatically start when you launch Schwab Data Delivery.

  1. Open Schwab Data Delivery using one of the following methods:
    1. Desktop icon – Schwab Data Delivery.
    2. From the Windows start menu, select Schwab Data Delivery.
    3. Log in to Schwab Advisor Center, select the More dropdown, and then select Schwab Data Delivery to open Schwab Data Delivery.
  2. The latest version of Schwab Data Delivery will begin to download.
  3. After the download is complete, begin the setup process by selecting the Next button in the installation window.
  4. At the User Agreement window, click I accept the terms of the licensing agreement and then select Next.
  5. On the Windows Credentials page, enter the Windows administrators user id and password. Note: Depending on your network, you may need to enter your networks domain (i.e., US\first.last name), and then select Next.
  6. On the Ready to Install page, select Install.
  7. After installation progresses, click Next and then click Finish.
    1. During the install, you may be prompted to install the new Scheduler application. You can choose to run the update at a later time. To install the new scheduler application, you are required to use a Windows administrator user id and password.
      1. Select Upgrade to install the new scheduler or select to Remind me later if you do not have a Windows administrator user id and password.
      2. Select Next.
      3. Select Install Scheduler.
      4. If your existing version of Schwab Data Delivery has scheduled tasks already set up, the installation will assist you with migrating those tasks to the new scheduler.
        1. Select one of the following options:
          • I want to migrate and/or disable existing file schedules.
          • Remind me later.
          • I do not want to migrate my services.
        2. Select Next.
        3. A list of scheduled tasks will be listed on the next screen. Select Migrate or you can choose to Exit without migrating.
        4. Enter your Windows Administrator user id and password and complete the installation.
  8. When the installation is complete, the SDD Client shortcut will be created on your computer’s desktop.

To launch Schwab Data Delivery, double-click the SDD Client shortcut to launch the SDD client.

See Schwab Data Delivery resources below:

Resource: How to use the Schwab Data Delivery and Scheduler tools (RIA EdCenter)
Resource: Schwab Data Delivery (SDD) clickable guide

Once you have installed the application:

  • You can start to view data, set up new master accounts, and download files to the appropriate folder.
  • If you have questions about installing Schwab Data Delivery, contact Advisor Platform Support at 800-647-5465.

Do I need Windows administrator permissions to access Schwab Data Delivery after it has been installed?
No, after the install is completed, users will only need to use their Schwab Advisor Center user credentials.

Do I need Windows administrator permissions to install the new Windows service scheduler application?
Yes, the install uses a Windows service that checks user permissions. If the user permissions do not have sufficient privileges, then a Windows administrator will need to enter their credentials to complete the installation.

Can I install the new Scheduler application at a later time?
Yes, you can opt out from installing the scheduler application and install it at a later time. Note: If a user attempts to create or modify an existing scheduled task, they will be prompted to install the scheduler.

What else is new with the latest version?
Firms that are set up to download the new Core file formats will be able to view the files using the Balances, Positions and Transactions file viewers.

Can I set up a scheduled task to download a single file type?
Yes, click the Schedule Automatic tasks button from the Dashboard view.

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