How to use the Schwab Advisor Center® mobile app

How to use the Schwab Advisor Center® mobile app

Use the Schwab Advisor Center® mobile app to view client information and make deposits quickly and securely for eligible accounts.

  • Minimum operating system requirements are the latest version of the application on iOS 15 for Apple® or Nougat Marshmallow 7.0 for Android™
  • Access SAC Mobile App security function on Schwab Advisor Center
  1. Download and install the Schwab Advisor Center Mobile app from your mobile device's app marketplace.
  2. Log in to the app using your Schwab Advisor Center user ID and password.
    •  If you use two-factor authentication Symantec app, include the Symantec VIP code
         •  Tap and hold the security code in the Symantec app to copy to your clipboard, then paste to Enter Security Code screen.
    •  If enabled, use biometric login by using your fingerprint or face ID

Provides read-only account information and the ability to deposit checks.

  1. In Accounts View, search by account number or name
  2. Tap the account to view details such as:
    •  Positions
    •  Gain/Loss
    •  Balance
    •  History
  3. Tap the check and pin icon to deposit funds into account.

Note: Accounts recently viewed on Schwab Advisor Center appear at the top of the list.


View real-time status information for almost all your submitted requests.

  • Filter by status or by request type
  • Select results for a specific timeframe
  • View details of request including the current status and history
  • See a count of requests by type or status
TeamsProvides a directory for Advisor Platform Support or Advisor Services teams.
  • Access Terms and Conditions
  • Submit Feedback
  • Enable/Change the authentication passcode
  • Change authentication method:
    •  Defaults to obtaining password and Symantec code
    •  Biometric

For information on how to use the mobile app for check deposits, see How to deposit checks.

Do all Schwab Advisor Center users automatically have access to the Schwab Advisor Center mobile app and features?
No, access to advisor mobile app is enabled at the firm level. Firm Security Administrators determine which users are permitted to use the app, and which are also allowed to make mobile deposits.

How do I adjust my device to light or dark mode?

  • iOS: Go to Settings > Display > Brightness > select Light or Dark
  • Android: Go to Settings > Display > Dark theme > select On or Off

How to deposit checks