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How to use Advisor Check Deposit
To use Advisor Check Deposit, you can scan, upload, edit, and deposit checks online through Schwab Advisor Center® into your clients’ brokerage accounts.

How to deposit funds using inbound wire transfers
Funds can be transferred from an account at another financial institution to your client’s Schwab account through wire transfers. To deposit wired funds into a Schwab account, provide the sending institution with the appropriate incoming wire information.

How to deposit checks
Schwab accepts checks for deposit with the Schwab Mobile app, at a Schwab branch office, through the mail, or online via Schwab Advisor Center®. Checks provide you with a widely accepted fund deposit option without processing fees.

How to set up direct deposits
Direct deposit allows your clients to have regular electronic deposits made to one or more Schwab accounts directly from a payer without a hold period. Most direct deposits are set up at the institution making the deposit.

How to deposit securities
Schwab accepts the deposit of most types of securities publicly traded in the United States. Securities not accepted by Schwab may be referred to a specialized or niche custodian.

How to roll over assets to a Schwab account
Use the Move Money tool or submit paper forms through a Service Request to request a rollover. A rollover is a potentially tax-free distribution of assets between eligible retirement accounts, custodial accounts, 529 College Savings Plans, and education savings accounts (ESAs).

How to deposit funds and securities into an estate account
Complete forms to fund an estate account using DocuSign or submit a Service Request. Estate accounts are opened to manage the assets of the deceased’s estate, prior to the distribution of assets to the estate beneficiary(ies). An estate account is only established during the probate process. Once established, funds and securities can be deposited into the estate account. In order to deposit funds and securities, complete the applicable documents for your situation.

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