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Considerations for choosing the right compliance consultant for your advisory firm

Faced with growing federal and state regulations and increasing scrutiny, advisory firms need a well-developed, up-to-date compliance program to safeguard their clients, business and reputation. Many firms are turning to outside compliance consultants with specialized expertise to help navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

Amendments to Form PF: Implementing the first phase

The Securities and Exchange Commission's ("SEC") recent amendments to Form PF introduce new reporting requirements for large hedge fund advisers and all private equity fund advisers. The amendments significantly expand the reporting obligations of affected advisers, including new requirements to report the occurrence of certain triggering events in a shortened timeframe.

Keeping up with the SEC Marketing Rule

The SEC adopted amendments in December to Rule 206(4)-1, referred to as the Marketing Rule, which will have vast implications for the compliance and business practices of almost all U.S. investment advisors.

Advisor acquisitions: Identifying risk and opportunity

The RIA industry is experiencing unprecedented M&A activity. For any such transaction to succeed, both parties must understand the risks and opportunities. Because M&A transactions can have a significant impact on client service and satisfaction, firms need to think strategically about both parties' goals and motivations before entering into any agreement. Key factors to consider include the alignment of business and culture "fit" and the firm's legal and compliance risk.

Best practices for advisory agreements

Advisory agreements between Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and their clients should aim to clearly describe the scope of the advisory relationship and the services to be provided. These agreements must comply with SEC and state securities regulations. What constitutes a best practice for advisory contracts is constantly evolving, however, as developments in the industry continually inform what is expected of the standard contract.

Contemplating ESG: Investing imperative or passing fad?

ESG investing—that is, taking environmental, social, and governance factors into consideration alongside financial factors—is growing exponentially. While developing an ESG investment program is a priority for some advisors, there is a steep learning curve, and implementing an ESG investment program will create new compliance challenges.

An update on the world of insurance for advisors

In the world of financial institutions, insurance serves an integral role in the foundation of an investment advisor's risk tolerance. Understanding the benefits of the key insurance policies available will empower advisors to implement best practices, inclusive of adequate insurance protections as part of their risk management program.

Other resources

Regulatory Update webcast

Stay abreast of the latest regulatory changes to understand possible implications for your firm by attending the semiannual Regulatory Update. And keep an eye out for new topics focused on solutions to key business challenges that you face, and uncover insights and opportunities for your firm that lead to meaningful change.

Sample Disclosure Language for Form ADV (Revised)

This document provides sample language intended to help you disclose your use of the Schwab Advisor Services™ platform in response to items 12A, 14A, and 15 of form ADV part 2. This language is only a starting point. You will need to tailor it to your particular circumstances and consult your legal counsel and compliance advisors.

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